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Welcome to Christmas Vinyl!!


So glad your enjoying the music!!

Not to pressure you or anything, but I'm still hoping you can add that Waldo de los Rios album I linked upthread sometime between now and Christmas.  If not, after the holidays would be fine; I understand how busy this time of year can be!

Incidentally, I notice the last couple Saturdays the station has played numerous tracks by a given artist in alphabetical order. (Today it was Stan Boreson and Doug Setterberg.) A software/scheduling glitch of some kind, or an actual recurring feature? If the latter, I approve!

Album is on the station. If you hear several songs from one album it's because Iv'e gone into DJ mode and loaded an album or two, I like doing this once and awhile. PS you can now request 4 songs at a time to get more of an album or artist.


Merry Christmas!!