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Welcome to Christmas Vinyl!!

So glad your enjoying the music!!

Not to pressure you or anything, but I'm still hoping you can add that Waldo de los Rios album I linked upthread sometime between now and Christmas.  If not, after the holidays would be fine; I understand how busy this time of year can be!

Incidentally, I notice the last couple Saturdays the station has played numerous tracks by a given artist in alphabetical order. (Today it was Stan Boreson and Doug Setterberg.) A software/scheduling glitch of some kind, or an actual recurring feature? If the latter, I approve!

Album is on the station. If you hear several songs from one album it's because Iv'e gone into DJ mode and loaded an album or two, I like doing this once and awhile. PS you can now request 4 songs at a time to get more of an album or artist.


Merry Christmas!!


Just a little heads-up: I took the liberty of donating another batch of Christmas CDs to you this year. Hopefully they made their way to you sometime this week. Please feel free to add them to the library if you're so inclined, or do as you like with them at any rate. Thanks for another year of this wonderful Christmas music station! -Mike

Thank you Mike for the donation, and also being a loyal listener!!  Have a Very Merry Christmas!!

Well, it's getting to be that time of year again. You should be getting another batch of Christmas CD donations from me this week if you haven't already. As always, consider it my way of thanking you for keeping these fantastic music streams going!



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I kind of suspected they were from you, Thanks So Much, I have a buddy that has almost every Christmas record so I'm having him rip these also from lps. but until that's done I'm going to be loading them on the station. A little funny note the Canadian Brass albums were the same, both were a Canadian Brass Christmas. just different covers, wrong cd in the case on one.

Mike Thanks for the additions, they arrived today.

You’re very welcome. I promise that will be the last batch for a while; I guess I sort of went a little nuts with donations this year. 😁

Greatly appreciated, makes an even greater rotation of music. It's taking awhile to get them on the Station as I am not the Techie guy had to forward part of them to the person to is.