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Welcome to Christmas Vinyl!!

I hope everyone enjoys the Christmas music and programming. Please share your thoughts and again enjoy!

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Thank you for your station. It has provided a pleasant holiday backdrop during our celebrations and continues to do so!

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I have a number of vintage Christmas albums that do not appear to currently be part of your station’s library. I would be more than willing to donate them to you if you’re interested; please let me know.



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Just received, I will try to get most of these on the station!!  More albums than I was expecting! Thank You for the donation.

You're very welcome!

Incidentally, this wasn't one of the albums I sent to you but it would be a great add for the station regardless:

Christmas with Waldo de los Rios (MP3)

What a great album looking forward to adding to station!

Just wanted to say my family and I enjoy this station so very much. There used to be an internet radio station called Christmas Vinyl (not sure if there's a connection to that old site), but it was shut down because of licensing issues.  Every year I do a Google search for vintage Christmas music and finally this year I found this site.  Been listening regularly since October and am so glad to have this playing around the house now.

Just curious, is there a way to change the 3 songs per-hour request limit?

Thanks again for making such a great station for listening to truly great Christmas music!

I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the station. I started the station because I also enjoyed Christmas vinyl and although I have no connection with the former station, I set this station up the same way because it was such a great station with the music I love to listen to. As far as the three request limit, I have to do that so that everyone has a chance to request music and hear it in a timely fashion, otherwise if some one requested 5 songs at 3 minutes each, the next listener would have to wait 15 minutes to hear their first request. I will increase total to 4 per hour and give it a try!

Have a Very Merry Christmas Season

PS share the station with family and friends.

Thanks for upping it to 4! I play your station as background music in my classes now (am a teacher) and am encouraging the students to listen to this station at home for the holidays.

Thanks again for this site and playing Christmas music the way it was meant to sound.