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Question re.: song requests

A few minutes or so ago you played "It Happened in Sun Valley" by the Glenn Miller Orchestra, from their album Christmas Serenade in the Glenn Miller Style. I thought I'd request another song from the same title, as it's one of my all-time favorites... but when I looked it up in your library search, I couldn't find that album or any of its songs (including the just-played "It Happened in Sun Valley") listed anywhere! Is this a software glitch, or is part of your library off-limits for requests for some reason?

Sorry Mike

I have been out with heart surgery, we are in the process of updating all the station's better quality sound and adding a Jazz station. Please respond and let me know if the problem still exist!



Thanks for replying. I checked, and unfortunately the album/songs in question still aren't turning up in the library search. I even did the search for your other stations on the off chance they'd turn up there, but nothing doing.

Is it Christmas With Waldo DeLosRios, if it is were working on it. All the music is now in flac format, twice the sound quality, So with that being said I had to purchase the album and I'm waiting for the record to be ripped in flac. I have a friend that has a professional sound studio, so he has been doing the conversions for me.

If it's another album and i will try to get it converted on the short list.